Friday, April 25, 2008

Using a MiniPOV3 as an AVR programmer

So the Arduino programmer was not that great. AVR programmers are easy to build though, just a handful of zener diodes and resistors and your serial port. Instead of building one, I decided to re-purpose my MiniPOV3.

Doing this is about the same as building one of these. The pinout is easy to remember as an 8-pin AVR's ICSP pins are in the same place. The only thing to do is hook up Vcc, ground and reset.

To program the ATtiny13 on the breadboard just ground the jumper on the bottom left. This holds reset down which is required for programming. There's some way to do that through the serial port, but I was too lazy to figure that out. Now all you have to do is power the circuit and fire up an avrdude command like this.

avrdude -p attiny13 -P com2 -c dasa -t

This gave me an avrdude command prompt where I could examine or write flash or eeprom memories. Similarly you could use a -U command like -U flash:w:someprogram.hex. And this will work for every ATmega and ATtiny (or at least I'm pretty sure). I went ahead and ordered one of these anyway though.
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Sophie said...
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Mohamed Ahmed said...


Guys, im wondering .. plz help me.. i see here the MiniPOV3 programmer can be used just with ATTiny, but...

Q1: Can i use " The MiniPOV3 uses the serial "DASA" circuit " programmer with ATmega (8,16 and 32) without any problems?????????
Q2: i found that DASA pins can be interfaced the ATTiny2313 uC with the PC, such as :
[u][b]SCK[/b][/u] = DTR

But, when i was reading the ATTiny 2313 datasheet, i doesn`t find the pin "SCK"....
Where is it ????!!!!!
Q3: plz can you show me the usb/serial converter that i must use it with the above circuit...
Q4: Can i used a Ponyprog2000 to burn the hex code????